Since 2000, the TTWF was the staple of backyard wrestling in Tiffin, Ohio. During it's short but memorable run, the members of the TTWF put everything on the line in every match from the Woods match to the Carmegeddon match and all of the title matches in between. We were "immortalized" on the Fox Toledo News in October of 2001 where we met a great group of guys from Bellevue called the Hardcore Wrestling Federation. The TTWF enjoyed great success in the HWF winning the Best of Seven series to earn the TTWF HWF contracts. From there the TTWF ensued chaos thoughout the HWF for the entire 2002 season. However, all things must come to an end as current TTWF champion Overhaul lost the title to HWF wrestler HTTC where it was later merged with the HWF title "offically" ending the TTWF. Now in 2006, the legacy of the Tiffin Trampoline Wrestling Federation will never be forgotten. To all of those who have supported us. I would like to say thank you.


The TTWF roster after thier first event, Trampoline Toss Off, in June of 2000.